By Destinations: Qinghai & Tibet
16 days at China Qinghai Birding tour

Day 1 Arrive at Xining city by air from Chengdu,Beijing,Shanghai or other places and overnight at Xining city

Day 2 Morning at Northern Hill at Xining and Dongxia nearby then carry on to Huzhu Beishan for overnight
Early check out from hotel and pack the breakfast, after about 1 hour at Northern Hill just beside the city then about 1.5 hours drive to Dongxia Forest Park with another name is "Yao Zi Gou"and we will spend the most morning inside this park for birding, the main target for us is the Gansu Leaf Warbler,after somewhere nearby for the lunch, then we will drive further northeast to Huzhau Beishan and check in hotel.
The birds information of Dongxia.

Day 3 Full day at Fuzhu Beishan for birding and stay at Beishan for another night
We will departure very early from hotel by pack the breakfast and drive not far to the first spot where looking for the Blue Eared Pheasant and then will spend all the day birding around a pass and a valley for other target birds. Lunch and dinner will be in local restaurant.
Birds info of Huzhu Beishan.

Day 4 Morning birding at Huzhu Beishan then drive to Heimahe for overnight and birding at Kor Kor Lake
Last some short birding around Beishan then we will drive back to Xining and carry on to Kor Kor Lake, where we will stop at the east part of the lake for some birding, after that drive west till we arrive at Heimehe, a small town for overnight

Day 5 Full morning at Heimahe and around then drive to Chaka
This morning we will pack our food and check out from the hotel and drive west to the Rubber mountain where we will look for one of the most important target birds named Pink-tailed Finch, after that will birding around along the slope area and one valley with good walking condition.After the most birding at the mountain area, we will carry on about 80km west till Chaka where for three nights

Birds info of Kor Kor Nor Lake & Heimahe(Rubber Mountain)

Day 6 Birding around Chaka
Early morning with packed breakfast,we will drive north to a valley area for some important birds, then drive back to Chaka where quick stop for lunch then drive east to the area for the Ground Jay and Sandgrouse, overnight at Chaka

Day 7 Birding around Chaka
This morning will carry on more west where good spot for A La Shan Redstart and back to Chaka and birding around, we may have packed lunch today
Chaka and around birds info.

Day 8 Drive to Wenquan and birding en route and stay at Wenquan guesthouse
Early morning start from our hotel then birding en route till Gonghe where we will stop for some birding at a bridge, after lunch at local restaurant, we will drive south till Wenquan where we will overnight at a basic guesthouse

Day 9 Full day at Er La Pass birding then drive to Maduo for overnight
With packed breakfast and lunch, we will back 30km to Er La Pass where we will spend the most of the day for two important birds: Tibetan Sandgrouse and Rosefinch, after some birding for other birds, we will drive another 3 hours to Maduo and where have much better accommodation and hot water shower and good food in local restaurant.
Birds info at Gonghe and Er La Pass.

Day 10 Long Day drive to Nangqian
Today is a long drive about 510km but we still have some time stop for birds. Just outside Gonghe, where have many small lakes where for water birds and after Yushu in the afternoon, we will enter a gorge area where good spots for Ibisbill and other birds. After arrive at Nangqian may a little bit late, check in hotel and have dinner inside hotel.
Birds info for today.

Day 11 Full day at Kande Pass & Gorge and stay at Nangqian
With packed breakfast and lunch, we will spnd all the day up there at the pass and lower area inside the gorge for the important target endemic birds include Tibetan Bunting.Back to the twon in late afternoon and for a good dinner.

Day 12 Birding at Baizha Forest and overnight inside
We may change into 4WD cars drive inside this forest park for birding and have lunch inside at a camping area, and where is the place we will stay for overnight and mush better accommodation than normall we staied at the Gaer Monastery.

day 13 Last birding then drive back to Nangqian for overnight
We will bring around in the morning around the camping spot then back for breakfast, and spend the most of the day inside the area, then drive back to Nangqian, and we will stop at a pass area where for birding, then back to Nangqian hotel for hot shower and good dinner.

Birds info at Kanda Mountain & Baizha Forest Park.

Day 14 Drive back to Maduo
Today we will departure early and a long day drive but still stop at somewhere for the missed birds, lunch and dinner at local restaurant and stay at Maduo good hotel.

Day 15 drive back to Xining
Today about 450km drive and mainly stop at Gonghe for soem birding then drive directly back to Xining city where have nice accommodation and excellent food.

Day 16 departure from Xining
Before our departure to airport, we will pack breakfast and check out the hotel and have about 2 hours do some birding at Northern Hill for some can not missed birds then drive about 1 hours to airport where you fly home.
Birds info at Northern Hill beside Xining city.


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