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CBT Birding since 1999

Before the proposal on Why Us.
We kind please you take some minutes to understand the situation of birding tourism within China.

Generally situation is:
Quite abundant in biological resources & world-leading position of birds,but very few Chinese birders.
The first Birdwatching activities by Chinese occasionally happended in 1996.

The first organized birding tour to China recorded in 1993 by Wild Wings and coming Birdquest sent tours to western China include Sichuan,Qinghai/Tibet plateau in later 1900's, and till 2005 there were few more other Europe & US based birding companies organized tours to China but till now only few have yearly scheduled tours.

At the same time,the individual birders not very optimistic choose China as the destination althrough this country ranks the forth richness in the world on birds.

Why China is so far behind in this field?
We know the main reason althrough till today,most of China based travel companies can not deep understadn what is Birdwatching Tourism and at the same time China has very few(not more than 10) Birding Guides because of few Chinese birders.

For example,in early 2000's,some world-wide birding companies started to organize birding tours to China but most of the tours not ended as fruitfull trips.Be honest this was good for some local agents start to know what is Birding but at the same time this restricted the world wide birding companies pay more attention on the promotion of this market.

Mr Tang Jun,our CBT Birding founder who has been to India for birding,observe & learn recently. He think India & China are two very good contrast objects in Asia on birding field.
China is far behind India on this field either, this is his conclusion.Not the reason of Chinese is not a world language and shorter biological resources. But the less understanding on birding,service concept and ecological protection.

Luckly CBT Birding after more than 10 years of the cooperation with some birding companies and the suggestion of many individual birders,we are learning a lot. 

Now Why Us:

We know what you want ! we know how to operate !
We have the best available Chinese bird guides!


  • we came into contact birding tourism since 1999
  • we are cooperating with more than 15 worldwide birdwatching companies till 2017 as their China local agent
  • 2009 we operated 8 tours; 2010 we operated 12 tours; 2011 we operated 14 tours; 2012 we operated 19 tours...22 tours in 2014...there must be some reason on why we are keep going up
  • we understand inside China,there are quite few who can be considered as real Bird Guide, but CBT Birding Team due to more chance in field thus can have more chance to learn whatever from worldwide birding companies' leaders or clients.We are proud to say we have most of professional Chinese bird guide in our team and please click here to find out our guides' information.
  • we are trained by the birders how to protect the birds habitate and guiding locals join the formation
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