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 Mr Tang Jun

 The owner of the company and the vice chairman of Chengdu Birdwahcing Society(CDBS).Guided the first birdwatching tour in 1999 then started to learn more things about Chinese birds.His yealy often travelling cover all the popular birdwatching hotspots within China.
Travelled to Nepal,Thailand and India for birding in 2012.
He is not only a Chinese birder but also a keen bird photographer,a large of his Chinese endemic bird imagines are extensive used on many biology handbooks and magazines.He is the main photograph author of "A Field Guide to the Birds of Qinghai & Tibet Plateau" published by China National Geography. 

 Interested in Pheasants, Parrotbills and Laughingthrushes in particular. 



 Mr. An Kaixiang (Steven An)  

Steven based at Nanchang city near Poyang Lake where is the most important   site for the cranes spend the winter.Steven is running his own tourism business at SE   China and he is not only the local agent for China Bird Tour SE China birding   tours but also the full time bird guide at SE China and Sichuan,Qinghai as well.

  Steven's fluently English speaking,skills on birds identify,local   managements arrange,has earned a lot of good feedback from clients for China Bird Tour.

  Dr. Zhu Lei (Robbi Zhu)  Freelance Ornithologist

In 2005, Zhu Lei went to West China Normal Univertity for his Master Degree in Zoology, when he started birding with guirdance and after got master degree, Zhu Lei moved to Beijing continue his study in biological science at Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Science. His career is as a professional nature tour leader. In this way, he could share his love and knowledge of China's fantastic nature beauties with people in China and around the world. So far, Zhu Lei has published some 20 papers or publication on birds and mammals in China, also contributed articles on birding, birds conservation etc. to web media and magazine in China.

He joined China Bird Tour as full time leader/bird guide since 2014.


Mr. Wu Jiawei (Jay Wu)

He is an engineer of forestry who has more than 12 years birdwatching experience as well as vice- chairman of Chengdu Bird Watching Society (CDBWS). With English name Jay Wu, he carried out eco-tourism activities as guide and expert in Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu provinces, nature reserves especially. Now he lives in Chengdu and based on his nearly 10 years of bird tour guiding & rich experience on nature conservation projects planning.

He joined China Bird Tour as full time leader/bird guide since 2014.

 Mr. He Shuanshan (Ivan He)

Ivan was born at Fuzhu County of Qinghai province and now living at Xining city with his wife and young boy.

His experience on tourism was from 2005 as local English speaking culture & trekking guide.From 2011/2013  he was the local guide for Birdquest Tibet tours and in recent years,he has been quite ofetn travelling within Qinghai/Tibet plateau and guided several birding tours in Sichuan province as well.He has his own business in Qinghai and now working with China Bird Tour since 2015 as full time local guide at Qinghai & Sichuan tours. 

Mr. Yang Xiaonong (Parus Yang)

Wildlife Artist & Professional Guide Freelance Ornithologlist

Yang has been fancinated by the Mother Nature for a long time. After got his Master Degree of Zoology, he chose to became a professional bird guide, and dedicated himself to still infancy Chinese ecotourism. When he was still a postgraduate student, he complished a one and half a month march which covered near 3000 km mostly on foot from Ya`an, Sichuan to Lhasa, Tibet and did birding all along the way. Yang is also a self-educated illustrator with talent, who especially focus on drawing birds. He has already published a comic book of waterbirds in Sichuan.

He joined China Bird Tour as full time bird guide since 2017.

Mr. Wang Qi (Ethan Wang)

He speaks fluent English and Mandarin. Major in Biology, with a master degree of Biomedical Engineering. From 2007 -2011 he spent 4 years in the United States as a PhD candidate in Biology at University of Texas at Arlington. In 2011 Ethan finished a road trip cross all the lower 48 states in the US and visited all the National Parks there. After that trip, he turned his career into the conservation area, and got a job at Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) at Guatemala where he devoted himself to the field research of Scarlet Macaw and felt in love with birding. After 3 years’ in the central American jungle (2012-2014), Ethan returned to Sichuan, China and is honored to be working with China Bird Tour.

Mr Lynn Zhang

Was born in north China and now living in Shanghai where were rich resources of woodland birds which attracted him to start birding.He's also fond of astronomy and geography.Having kept travelling to Xinjiang,Qinghai,Sichuan,Yunnan,Ningxia,Nei Mongal,Guangxi...for years,doing birding and biological research,he has much experience in birds especially in Shanghai area.

He is one of the editors of China Bird Report published by China Ornithology Society.His interest in sound recording helps much to field identification.


Now work  with China Bird Tour as bird guide for Shanghai area and SE China tours.


 Mr Jinsong Liu

The professional birdwatching tourism driver and travelled often to Qinghai & Tibet and knowing all the most birds spots inside Sichuan.

Even he can not speak English but he is ready to help you get to the right places on right time and knowing what is the difference between birding and normal culture tours.

He eared lots of good feedback from clients in recent 2 years when birders only need driver.




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