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Gonghe and Er La Pass Birds Info

Gonghe to Wenquan before Erlla Pass (Wenquan)

Black-eared Kite, Hill Pigeon, Azure-winged Magpies, Little Owl, Common and Pacific Swifts, Mongolian Lark, Crested, Horned and Greater Short-toed Larks, Asian Short-toed Lark, Richard’s Pipit, Isabelline and Desert Wheatears, Margelanic Whitethroat, Wryneck, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Rock Sparrow, Rufous-necked, White-rumped and Tibetan Snowfinches, Twite, Mongolian and Desert Finches, Pine & Black Faced Bunting, Peter David’s Snowfinch and Hume’s Groundpeckers

Er La Shan pass:

Here is the chance for two of the most important endemic birds: Tibetan Sandgrouse and Tibetan Rosefinch. And others include: Guldenstadt’s Redstart, Prince Henri’s Snowfinch, Brandt’s Mountain & Plain Mountain Finch and Tibetan Snowcock.

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