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We recently created a new website especially on China mammal watching tours as follow:

The best two areas for mammal watching in China:
1,Sichuan,the central of China;
2,Qinghai/Tibet Plateau.

For Sichuan,althrough here is the main habitat of Giant Panda,according to the latest field investigation in 2016, there are about 1864 Giant Pandas in wild and 70% are distributed in Sichuan. But if want view the pandas in wild is almost impossible.But still worth to try if you are coming during mid March to mid April when the males are in rut they may walk around to look for females or even fight their rivals.We saw the Giant Panda in wild two times in this period at Labahe and Tangjiahe (photo as below by Tang Jun at Labahe)

(Camera track by Mr. Donglei)

Except the Giant Panda,Sichuan no doubt still a good place to go to look for:
(all photos below by Tang Jun during the trips)

Red Panda

Golden Snub-nosed Monkey

Pallas's Cat

Chinese Mountain Cat

Leopard Cat

Snow Leopard by DongLei

Ferret Badger

Hog Badger

Grey Wolf

Tibetan Fox

Grey Wolf at Ruoergai,Sichuan

Tufted Deer                                                 Chinese Serow
Steppe Polecat                                             Golden Takin
Chinese Goral                                            Sambar
Forest Musk Deer                                        Asian Black Bear
Golden Snub-nosed Monkey                         Malayan Porcupine
TIbetan Macaque                                        Mountain Weasel
Leopard Cat                                               Rhesus Macaque
Blue Sheep                                                Reeves’ Muntjac
Perny's Long-nosed Squirrel                          Gansu Pika
Grey Wolf                                                  Glover's Pika
Masked Palm Civet                                      Wooly Hare
Himalayan Marmot                                       Tibetan Fox

Each March/April or later Oct./Dec. are the perfect time for Sichuan mammal watching.

Itinerary can be suggested as follow:
Day 1 arrival at Chengdu (direct or via Beijing & Shanghai & Hong Kong), then 3 hours drive to Labahe NR and stay inside park
Day 2-3 Labahe NNR for Takin,Red Panda,Sambar,Hog Budger,Rhesus Macaque,Tibetan Macaque,Red and White & Complex-toothed Flying Squirrel
Day 4 last mammalwatching at Labahe then drive to Wolong
Day 5 One day at Wolong(day watching and night drive) , the Main Giant Panda habitate of Sichuan:Red Panda,Tarkin,Chinese Serow, Chinese Goral,Blue Sheep,Leopard Cat,Sambar,Tufted Deer,Mountain Weasel,Glover's Pika,Himalyan Marmot
Day 6 long drive up to Tibet high plateau and stay at Hongyuan (130km before Ruoergai) for overnight
Day 7-10 Ruoergai area:Pallas's Cat, Chinese Mountain Cat,Asian Budger,Chinese Serow, Red & Roe & Sika Deer,Siberian Weasel,Yellow-throated Marten,Marbled Polecat, Wolf,Tibetan & Red Fox,Boar,Woolly Hare,Gansu & Plateau Pika,Tibetan Gazzle,Himalayan Marmot.
Day 11 drive to Tangjiahe NNR
Day 12-13 Tangjiahe NR:Golden Snub-nosed Monkey,Ferret & Hog Budger,Malayan Porcupine,Tarkin,Chinese Serow, Chinese Goral,Leopard Cat,Asian Black Bear,Tufted Deer,Reeve's Muntjac,Yellow-throated Marten,Masked Palm Civet,Boar,Swinhoe's Striped & Pere David's Rock & Perny's Long-nosed Squirrel,Complex-toothed Flying Squirrel.
Day 14 drive back to Chengdu
Day 15 international departure

2017 winter Sichuan mammal watching during 21 Oct to 11 Nov 2017.

2018 Winter Sichuan Mammal watching tour 13-27 Oct by TN Report

2019 Spring Sichuan Mammal watching tour 14-28 April by TN report

2019 Winter Pallas's Cat at Ruoergai,Sichuan,China

2020 May/June China Bird Tour team great recce trip to some very remote area of Sichuan and Tibet Plateau for some quality birds and mammals,especially got the Sillem's Rosefinch,Snow Leopard,Lynx,Pallas's Cat,Brwon Bear,Argali,Wild Yak,Tibetan Antelope etc. (click for details)

Another route at Qinghai & Tibet Plateau for mammal watching:

Day 1 fly into Xining of Qinghai Province via Chengdu,Beijing or Shanghai
Day 2-3 Drive to Kor Kor Nor Lake for Przewalski & Goitered Gazelle and several kind of Pikas,stay at Chaka

Day 4-5-6-7  drive to Gouli of Dulan for Snow Leopard,Pallas's Cat,Lynx,Kiang,Tibetan Fox,Wolf,stay at Xiangride
Day 8 drive to Yushu after last mammals looking at Gouli area
Day 9 Drive to Angshai Valley and home stay at local community,start looking for Snow Leopard in the afternoon
Day 10-12 Around Angshai mainly for Snow Leopard
Day 13 Drive back to Yushu and carry on to Qumalai to stay
Day 14 Drive to Budongquan and look for mammals en route include: Tibetan Antelope,Wild Yak
Day 15 one full day inside Wild Yak Valley, stay at Budongquan
Day 16 one more day inside Wild Yak Valley for Pallas's Cat,Wild Yak,Argali, then carry on to Golmud
Day 17  fly back to Xining where fly to Beijing or Chengdu to connect the international flight

Or focus on Snow Leopard:
Day 1 Fly into Yushu via Chengdu or Xining
Day 2-5 drive to Angshai to stay with local community to look for Snow Leopard and other mammals/birds
Day 6 last morning try at Angshai then transfer back to Yushu city
Day 7 Fly from Yushu to Xining or Chengdu where connect the international flight
(this one week Snow Leopard tour can be as a pre-tour of regular Sichuan birding tour)

Please note: Snow Leopard area will be yearly closed from middle of May to early July.




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