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China Bird Tour  is a China based travel company specializing on China birdwatching & China birding tours plus mammals tours within China include all hotspots such as Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet, SE China, Yunnan,NE China,Xinjiang,Hainan......

Occasionally we were the local agent for Birdquest UK between 1999/2001 for their Tibet birding tours.This was a very good start and we focus our business gradually inclined to birdwatching since 2004.From 2005 with the deep cooperation with Birdtour Asia as their local agent, we are doing better and better.Till 2014 we are approved by Ornitholidays UK; Travelling Naturalists; Spanish Nature S.L.;  Zoothera Birding UK; Travel to Nature Asia Germany; Prregine Birding; Birdwatching Breaks;Rockjumper Birding Tours ;RR Birding;AviFauna;world-wide-birding;Zegrahm Expeditions;Saker Tour;Apex Expeditions to be their local agent.

We attended 2015 Birdfair London in August 2015 and glad to announce that we will be the local agent for more birding companies for their coming China birding tours:
WildLife WorldWide;Wildlife & Landscape Photograph;Wise Birding;Greenwings Wildlife;

We attended 2016 Birdfair UK between 19-21 Aug and glad to announce that we had several more birding companies to work together include: Bird Holidays; Oriole Birding and Finnature.

Because of early start,proud to say, at the moment China Bird Tour is the first birding agent within China and as yearly arrangements for so many worldwide birding companies,China Bird Tour team are getting more and more experienced & professional.

China Bird Tour aim:
For worldwide birding companies, we will be your best local agent!
For individual private tours,we will try our best to let your different kind of requires be satisfied as always!

Wish you all nice birding in China!!

China Bird Tour Team

What our clients say
2017 clients feed back
Hi Tang Jun,Just wanted to say thanks for a great Sichuan tour – 325 species seen was the best so far. Nick

Hi Tang, firstly many thanks for organizing a very successful tour.  I  had never visited China before and I was so impressed with the beauty of  the mountains and the Tibetan plateau. Can we ask that you pencil us in for the same tour in May 2019? If you  can give us some dates soon that would be great.  I think it ran so well  we would not change the itinerary. Many thanks. Regards, Nigel

Thanks to Tang Jun, our guide, not only for showing us so many of the special birds of Sichuan but also for the meticulous planning and organisation, and to Ding, our cheerful and ever-willing driver. David

Ni hao Steven!THANK YOU again for the best trip ever! You were the best guide we could have imagined!Since our trip I am a fan of China and really happy after the beautiful landscapes, all our experiences and most of all the wonderful species we could see because of you!Will send some pictures of our SE China trip soon!Best regards from Austria to China and all the best for you! Ingrid

Hi Tang and Jay,I have now updated my life list with the birds seen on our trip and I saw 260 species of which 140 were lifers! I am delighted with this number.Thank you both so much for everything you did to make our stay so productive and such fun. I loved every moment of it (apart from the flight home!) and I will definitely be coming as a customer when Phil does his trip in 2019.Pauline

2016 some clients feedback
Hi Tang Jun,I just wanted to say thank you so much again for all the amazing hard work you did for us in Qinghai and Tibet. It was such a great trip. Here are some pictures that I promised to send. Outlook only allows 25MB of attachments, so I could only send 3 pictures here. If you want to see more, just tell me and I'll send some others in separate emails. Thanks again so much for everything and I hope you're getting some time to relax!Take it easy,Todd

Hi Tang Jun,mostly I just want to say again how marvelous our two trips were this summer.  I wanted to see pheasants and you found them all.  And of course so much more.  I still can't believe the lynx!  The only bad part was realizing that I will probably never see you again., and I had started thinking of  you as just another one of my family.  Thank you so much for everything, and may you have the very best of luck in the future.Very best regards,Elaine

Hi Tang Jun,It had been my intention to contact you when I returned home to say thank you for a great tour,.Hope you are now at home with your family and hope you had a good tour with Zoothera. Have a good Christmas and hopefully see you at next year's Birdfair.Stuart.

Hi Tang Jun,have just got home from a fantastic winter tour. We had a lovely group and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Steven An was very good and everyone really got along with him very well. The birding was great and I think it was a good move to stay in the town at Emei Feng other than on top of the mountain. Had some great sightings, but the cranes were the most popular with the group, as well as Elliot's Pheasant - had a male feeding out in the open for 10 minutes and we saw 7 Elliot's Pheasants in total one morning. We even found a Grey-sided Thrush at Nanhui on the last day, plus 30+ Baikal Teals. The day at Nanhui was really good.Nick

Dear Tang Jun Thank you for sending the photographs, and thank you also for a wonderful tour.  I really enjoyed it so much, and finding the Spoon-billed Sandpiper at the end was just fantastic.  I am sorry that our farewell was so rushed, and I did not have time to tell you how much I appreciated your help getting the birds I had not seen before and getting better views of ones I had seen before, I was very happy with our results.I hope that your current tour is going well, and that you do not have many fussy eaters in the group!See you at the Birdfair next year.Best wishes,Sonia

Hi Tang Jun,I hope that all is well with you and your family. I guess that it is freezing cold in Sichuan at present.  A beautiful summer day here - 25⁰ with a light sea breeze. Not a freezing cold wind like we had in China!Since our trip to China, I have mainly birded around Sydney with a couple of short trips to the country. I did get a new bird for my Australian list – White-rumped Sandpiper. It is only the second record for Australia. It comes from eastern North America and normally winters in South America.
I am thinking of a longer trip covering both Sichuan and Yunnan for the future. I realise that it will be a long trip but we would want to see as many as the key birds as possible. I’m looking to you for guidance on this.All the best to you and your family,Allan

Hi, Tang Jun! The Balangshan tour in this July was a great experience for all of us. Our first visit to China was totally satisfied including wonderful meal. Most impressive dish was needless to say, extremely hot Chinjao Rosu “Fire-throat” for Koh, haha.Mr. Liu was an excellent driver and Robbi the perfect guide gave us very memorable and exciting days in Sichuan. We were very lucky with the weather, meaning we were able to get good looks at many of the wanted species.For us, Japanese nature-lover, there’s special feeling for Himalayas. Japan archipelago was connected with Eurasian continent by land in the past, so plenty of species are related to China. When it comes to birds, many rare species recorded in Japan breeds in Sichuan. For example, Blue-fronted Redstart, Rosy Pipit, Greenish Warbler and Yellow-streaked Warbler. Balangshan is surely the best and nearest site for watching these birds from Japan!In addition, there is such an interesting place for flower-lover. July is best for various kinds of alpine flowers. Most impressive scene in this trip was male Grandala hopping in splendid flower garden. It was arguably bird of the trip.I look forward to using China Bird Tour again when I go birding in China, and will recommend it to others planning trips to China.Many thanks again and best wishes,Yutaka, Koh and Satoshi

Dear Tang Jun,Do you want to reserve dates for us for a Tibet trip in June 2017?We'd like to do a Tibet trip and take the train, and also spend a day or two doing cultural stuff around Lhasa.We just got a letter from Clyde and Joelle.   They really enjoyed their trip with you this spring.Thanks,   Dana

Hi Tang Jun,Thank you for your email and photo, and apologies for the delay in replying but your email was spammed again by my service provider, and I only found it today! The trip was rather successfull and Steven was a great guide. Very helpful and knowledgeable. We had great views of Reeves's Pheasant at one of the hides! Elliot's was quite tricky to find, and we only got decent views on our last morning. We had to spent a bit too much time to look for the Elliot's and consequently missed some other birds like Moustached Laughingthrush. Also difficulties with authorities at Shanyutan, and only managed to see the Chinese Crested Tern in flight. This place seems to become quite difficult to visit for foreigners, or maybe we were just unlucky. Best wishes,Hannu

Dear Mr Tang Jun,I have returned safety to Singapore on 20  Dec.  Thank you for an enjoyable tours and your company, and the many interesting conversations.Thank you for the photos.Maybe, at some other suitable time, we may meet again to look for pheasants.Regards,Leng Seow

HI Tang Jun,Ok great – many thanks. And Merry Christmas to you and your family. It was nice to see you last month – it really was a very good trip. Nick

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