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8 days China Sichuan Birding Tour

Day 1 arrival at Chengdu from and afternoon some Chengdu city park birding o/n Chengdu Vegas Hotel 500m high

Why Vegas hotel, not only this is a good one and located in an ancient street, and the most important is only 3 minutes walk can enter Bai Hua Tan park where we have to do some birding for the can not be missing city birds and good birds as well.We put all birders into this hotel in recent 3 years and feedback is good.
Drive from Chengdu airport to the hotel about 30-40 minutes.
The birds we will see in Chengdu city parks and include the panda park next morning

Day 2 morning at Panda Breeding Center for birding and visit then drive to Longcanggou for overnight 2000m high

We will check out early morning and pack our breakfast, then drive about 30 minutes to the Panda Breeding Center, after about 2 hours inside the park for the pandas and birds, then jump into the van drive towards Longcanggou.

Before arrival at Longcanggou we will stop at some spots for birding.

Birds information before Longcangou

Day 3-4 Longcanggou birding include summit/slope area

We will spend two full days at Longcanggou, this will include the different altitude area of the mountain from 1200-2400m. When at the slope area, we go by bus and will some small walk along the road. Packed breakfast will be necessary and lunch & dinner inside hotel for Chinese food.

Our hotel named Hulin Wooden Hotel at 1300m area which is the best and all rooms with private toilet and bath.

All birds information at Longcanggou area:

Day 5 last birding at Longcanggou then drive to Wolong NR 1900m

After check out the hotel, we will do some birding along the park road total 25km then drive toward Wolong area and overnight at Tian Chen Hostel here altitude is 1900m.

Tian Chen is a little basic and this is the only one after the earthquake(2008), but still twin share room with private bath and clean. 

Today we will drive total about 200km to Chengdu and 140km to Wolong.

Day 6-7 Wolong area and Balangshan for birding

We will spend 2 full days up to Balang mountain till 4400m high and one afternoon around Wolong area

Birds possible in Wolong NR & Balang Shan area:

Day 8 Early departure from Wolong and drive 3 hours to Chengdu airport directly where you fly off


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