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19 days China Sichuan Birding tour

Day 1 arrival at Chengdu and afternoon some Chengdu city park birding o/n Chengdu Vegas Culture Hotel 500m high

Why Vegas hotel, not only this is a good one and located in an ancient street, and the most important is only 3 minutes walk can enter Bai Hua Tan park where we have to do some birding for the can not be missing city birds and good birds as well.We put all birders into this hotel and feedback is good.

Drive from Chengdu airport to the hotel about 30-40 minutes.

The birds we will see in Chengdu city parks and include other city parks in the next morning

Day 2 morning at other city parkfor birding and visit then drive to Longcanggou Forest Park or Labahe NNR for overnight 2000m high

We will check out early morning and pack our breakfast, then drive about 40 minutes to the Panda Breeding Center, after about 2 hours inside the park for the pandas and birds, then jump into the van drive towards Longcanggou.

Before arrival at Longcanggou we will stop at some spots for birding.

Birds information before Longcanggou

Day 3-5 Birding at Longcanggou include summit/slope area

We will spend three full days at Longcanggou, this will include the different altitude area of the mountain from 1200-2400m. When at the slope area, we go by bus and will some small walk along the road. Packed breakfast & lunch will be necessary and  dinner inside hotel for Chinese food.

Our hotel named Hulin Wooden Hotel at 1300 m area which is the best and all rooms with private toilet and bath.

All birds information at Longcanggou area

Day 6 last birding at Longcanggou then drive to Wolong NR 1900m

Last morning birding around then check out the hotel drive toward Wolong area and overnight at Tian Chen Hostel here altitude is 1900m.

Tian Chen is a little basic and this is one of the best in local after 2008 earthquake, but still twin share room with private bath and clean. The food here is excellent.

Today we will drive total about Wawu 200km to Chengdu and 140km to Wolong.

Day 7-9 Wolong area and Balangshan for birding

Three days around Wolong NR and we will spend 2 full days up to Balang mountain till 4400m high and one day around Wolong and possible a day trek tour up and down to Wuyipeng station.

Birds possible in Wolong NR & Balang Shan area:

Day 10 last view of Balangshan area drive to Maerkhang 2700m

Today 270km drive from Wolong to Maerkang and will still have couple of hours birding at Balang Shan, then get to Rilong town where we will have lunch in local restaurant and carry on to Maerkang. 40km before the town is the famous Mengbishan forest so we can have a quick scanning. Check in Maerkang Jiarong International Hotel which is a Tibetan style and 4 stars and a comfortable hotel. Today we are in 2680m high.
Birds info before Mengbishan:

Day 11-12 Mengbishan forest birding full day 3000-4000m

Spend two full days by driving back to Mengbishan for overnight.

Bring the breakfast box from hotel and get to the forest before the dawn to en sure the best time for birds.

Birds possible at Mengshan area

Day 13 drive north to the high plateau grass land area named Ruoergai

Today we will continue head north and up to the grassland area to the biggest wetland of China, named Ruoergai grassland. Total driving kilometers is about 320 and roads area good so we have time to stop en route for the high altitude birds.
Birds possible for today.

We will stay at Ruoergai Grand Hotel which is good 3 stars in such high &remote area.

Day 14 full day at Roiergai 3500m high

In the morning pack the breakfast and drive 35km to Baxi Forest for birding and get back to the town for lunch then drive another 50km into the wetland area for some water birds. Stay at Ruoergai.

Birds information at Ruoergai area

Day 15 last birding at Ruoergai then drive to Jiuzhaigou NR 2000m

We may back to Baxi Forest for another quick birding then drive toward to Jiuzhaigou and stop en route for birding.

Stay at Jiuzhaigou Qianhe Hotel (4*) for three nights and a good hotel.

Day 16-17 one day inside the NR for birding 2000-3200m

We may spend two full days inside Jiuzhaigou National Park and if good enough for the first day, we will can spend another full day at Gong Gang Ling forest where is about 60km away from hotel with good birds such as Chinese Grouse and Blue Eared Pheasant.

Birding inside the park quite difficult not only many tourists but also we can not bring our own vehicle inside but the park shuttle bus. The bus only stop at the pointed station and will few kilometers walk to the right spots for target birds.
Jiuzhaigou NR Birds info

Day 18 morning birding around Jiuzhaigou then all the way drive back to Chengdu

Today 420km total driving back to Chengdu include 180km express road so a full day driving still a little relax. We get back to Chengdu late afternoon and check in Vegas hotel then have a big dinner.

Day 19 If time allows and some morning birding/visiting then drive to airport check in the flight to your homeland


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