By Destinations: SE China
16 Days southeast China winter birding tour

Day 1 arrive at Shanghai by international flight,birding at nearby Nanhui and stay for overnight

Day 2 Last birding at Nanhui then drive about 300km to Yancheng and stay in local hotel

Day 3 full day at Yancheng for Red-crowned & Common Cranes and other possibility include Sandhill & Hooded Cranes

Day 4 Almost another full morning at Yancheng NR then drive back to Shanghai and transfer to Wuyuan

Day 5 full day at Wuyuan

Day 6 full day at Wuyuan

Day 7 drive to Poyang Lake after the last birding around Wuyuan

Day 8 full day at Poyang Lake and around(4 kinds of cranes in one picture at Poyang)

Day 9 Poyang Lake and around for Siberian & White-naped & Common & Hooded cranes

Day 10 Birding at Poyang again then drive to Taining county of Fujian

Day 11-12 Birding at Emeifeng NNR for Cabot's Tragopan,White-necklaced Partridge,Ellion's Pheasant

Day 13 driev to Fuzhou after last birding at Emeifeng

Day 14 one full day at Fuzhou Forest Park

Day 15 Birding around the coast area then fly to Shanghai Pudong and overnight at airport hotel

Day 16 departure from Shanghai back home

This tour can be extended to Guiyang Caohai for the Black-necked Cranes

Day 15 late afternoon flight from Fuzhou to Guiyang where we overnight

Day 16 Drive to Weining and birding en route

Day 17 full day at Caihai for the cranes and other birds

Day 18 most of the day birding at Caohai then drive back to Guiyang airport where fly to Shanghai Pudong and overnight at airport

Day 19 departure


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