By Destinations: Shanxi
Extension tours after Sichuan trip

If you can have more days before or after the choosed trip,you can combine following options:

Trip for Crested Ibis and Black Throat:

Day 1 Drive 650km to Yangxian and overnight outside NR
Day 2-3 Two days into NR for the Blackthroat and Crested Ibis
Day 4 Drive back to Chengdu by a full day and stay at Chengdu
Day 5 departure from Chengdu

Trip for Sichuan Partridge and Golden-fronted Fulvatta:

Day 1 drive to Yibin and collect the permits from NR and carry on to NR for overnight
Day 2 walking up to the summit area and overnight for birding
Day 3 Walk down to NR station guesthouse and birding
Day 4 Last birding at NR then drive back to Chengdu
Day 5 dearture from Chengdu

Trip for Rusty-throated Parrotbill and Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkey & Tarkin:

Day 1 Drive to Tangjiahe NR and overnight inside
Day 2 walk up to the mountain and birding,overnight by sleeping bags and basic house
Day 3 Sat up there for one day
Day 4 Last birding up there and down to the mountain and drive back to Chengdu
Day 5 departure

All said extension trips are supposed to obtain the special entry permits 4 weeks before your arrival and very expensive.
There must be local NR person accompanied and at Tangjiahe NR porters & cook are necessary.

Detaled information,please send us the email.


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