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Reports By Years: 2019
2019 April TN Sichuan mammal watching trip

Tour Leader: Terry Reis.
Local Guide: Tang Jun.
Driver: Mr Zhu.
Eight participants.
Organized by The Travelling Naturalist/TN


Sichuan is one of the most scenic parts of China, and supports many iconic wildlife species. It is also noted for its delicious food. This trip’s participants experienced all these aspects of this most interesting part of China. Mammals such as red panda, Pallas’s cat, Chinese mountain cat, Tibetan fox, wolf and takin were among the highlights, and birds included Chinese monal, Lady Amherst’s and golden pheasants, white and blue eared pheasants, saker falcon, bearded vulture, four species of owl and six species of redstarts. Beautiful montane forests contrasted with the treeless grasslands of the Tibetan plateau and the stark beauty of high snow-clad mountains. It was a wonderful sample of the nature of Sichuan. This trip was a wonderful experience, not without its challenges, and generated many great memories.

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