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2010 1-6 Sep Qinghai Tibet plateau

1 Sep-6 Sep 2010

Participants: Jim Mori from US  Guide: Tang Jun  Driver: Mr Jinsong Liu

Jim goes with me so far 5 times already and this time he has few days after a meeting at Beijing, then he wants go to Yunshu and Nangqian where is south of Qinghai province close to Tibet.

So we have to use flight to save the time.

Thus we will meet at Yushu airport on 1 September and he fly from Beijing to Xi’an then connect the next flight to Yushu overstop at Xining.

I plan to drive from Chengdu on 29 August and pick him up at Yushu airport on 1 Sep.

After his trip ends on 6 Sep by fly back to Beijing.

1 Sep meet at Yushu airport

2 Sep drive to Nangqian for overnight and birding en route

3-4 Sep two days inside Baizha and Jiangxi forest

5 Sep full dat at Kanda pass then drive back to Yushu

6 Sep after some morning birding around Yushu then Jim fly off

I plan overland from Yushu to Lhasa in 3-4 days and check the birding spots en route.

Stay at Lhasa where I used to stay more than ten years, so many friends to meet and so many beers have to drink.

On 13 Sep, I will meet another 3 birders from HK and this is their second time use me guiding them for birds.

14 Sep drive south from Lhasa to Cuola

15-16 Sep head more south to enter Himalayas for birding.We saw Himalayas Monal male walking across the pass.Althrough quite far but still good view from the telescope.

17 Sep get back to Cuo and drive to Zha Re valley of Longzi county

18 Sep last birding around then drive toward Lhasa

19 Sep birding at Xiong Se temple/valley then drop them off at Lhasa airport

But at last, I have to drive another 2800km back to Chengdu.

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