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Reports By Destinations: SE China
2014 November 28 to December 17 SE China and extension to Guizhou

10 birders from US,AUS,FIN and Tang Jun as the local guide

28 November we did some birding at Nanhui wetland for the earlier arrival and we got Black-billed Spoonbill

29 Nov after pick up the last 2 arrivals,we drive directly to Yancheng NR and birding in the afternoon

30 Nov full day birding at Yancheng,in the morning we mainly for the cranes and afternoon for the ducks,stay at Yancheng Qingshan which is a new one and much better rooms,plus a good taste restaurant otherside of the hotel

1 Dec we birding in the morning at forest park, then drive to Rudong and stay

2 Dec morning for the tide looked the waders and then drive to Shanghai Pudong and fly to Fuzhou,stay at nearby Jinfeng Town for the next early morning to Minjiang Estuary


3 Dec leave at 6am and 20minutes boat trip and in thousands of waders,we found one Spoonbilled Sandpiper,as we got the sandpiper then before the tide going down,we boated back and did some birding at the nearby area after check out from our hotel,then drive toward to Fuzhou Forest Park and check a nearby good hotel

4 Dec one full day at Fuzhou Forest Park


5 Dec drive 5 hours to Emeifeng Forest park and we birding at the slope area till evening then drive up to the summit and check in the hotel

6 Dec full day at Emeifeng,morning at the good walking road and afternoon at the slope area from summit down to foot area

7 Dec We drove to Nanchang after last birding at Emeifeng, staied at Nanchang County nearby Nanji Shan of Poyang Lake

8 Dec morning birding at Nanjishan, then drive to Wucheng at another part of Poyang Lake

9 Dec Full day by boat visit Sha Lake, and afternoon to Bang Lake

10 Dec morning at Nanjishan again then drive to Wuyuan

11 Dec full day at Wuyuan,morning at Kengkou village and afternoon to Xiaoqi



12 Dec morning quick birding again, then drive to Nanchang airport,where 4 participants fly back to Shanghai and departure next day, and remain 6 birders,we flew to Guiyang for overnight for the extension

13 Dec morning birding at Qianling Mountain inside the wicty, then drive to Weining where the Cao Lake

14 Dec full day at Cao Lake for the Cranes and ducks


15 Dec drive back to Shuicheng and birding en route,a good birding at a good spot where many forest birds


16 Dec drive all the way back to Guiyang and fly to Shanghai,stay at Shanghai Dazhong Airport Hotel with very good location and good rooms

17 Dec departure

Total we managed to tick about 220+birds.

Top 3 birds are:

1 Cabot's Tragopan

2 Elliont's Pheasant & Spoonbilled Sandpiper

We saw all the cranes but missed Bear's Parchard and White-necklaced Partridge althrough heard a lot very close

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