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2013 March Jiangxi and Fujian Cabot's Tragopan researching tour report

Reported by Tang Jun.
Due to Wuyishan NR where for the Cabot's Tragopan is closed since 2012 then find out an alternative spot is a must.So I decided made a researching trip to a place named Emeifeng Mountain to find out the possibility used as the alternative spot for the Cabot's Tragopan and other good birds here still include: Ellion's Pheasant,White-necklaced Partridge,Koklass Pheasant and Spotted Wren Babbler.
Due to this is a researching trip thus we move fast and go with 2 guides(Summer Wang & Jingsong Liu) from my office and 1 guide(Steven An) from local.

19 March we three flew from Chengdu to Nanchang by the first flight and met by local guide with a car, we drove 1.5 hours to Wucheng where is the spot for Poyang Lake winter cranes trip. Almost all cranes have gone but a couple of Hooded Crane.Then we drove back to Nanchang for overnight and a good dinner with local agent.

20 March we start early drove to Nanji NR where is another spot for winter cranes to check the road and show the spots for the guides. Then back to express way drive directly to Taining of Fujian Province. Exit at Taining we drive up to Emeifeng NR directly and one the way up we saw our first Koklass Pheasant and after the arrival of the summit accommodation,we checked the disused road just beside the hotel, where we saw lots of Silver Pheasants and one White-necklaced Partridge and heard a lot partridge calling before their way home.

21 March we start at 6am to check the disused road again but except the Silver Pheasants and heard a lot calling of the partridges,we did not see many other birds. Guess it is still early of the season. Then we decide walk back to the hotel and drive down along the road to look for other target birds. A very good day today,we saw 3M 2F Caot's Tragopan at 3 different spots,2 Chinese Bamboo Partridges,another one Koklass Pheasant and some other birds.

22 March this morning our main purpose is looking for the Ellion's Pheasant before our head to next destination.We tried hard and drove down and up for few times but we did not see. But the habitate is very nice and perfect for the Ellion's Pheasant.I am sue if spend another morning,we should see this bird as according to other Chinese birders' report,here is the best spot for this pheasant.We have to leave it was a pity. We drove down to the town where had an excellent lunch as all the meals up at the summit without meat. The restaurant up there belong to the temple and meat is not available. 4 hours drive all the way is express way to Wuyuan and we drove to Taibai directly stay at local guesthouse due to close the spot where we will check next mroning.

23 March we start 6am and check the forest named Taibai Forest,here we good luck saw one female Ellion's Pheasant flew way, after stied here a little more time we drove to Kengkou for other birds. Here we managed saw 8-10 Short-tailed Parrotbills and very good view. Then we drove to Xiaoqi here for the Pied Falconet and a young couple still stay in the tree.

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24 March After a lazy sleep morning we drive back to Nanchang via Jingdezhen here is famouse for Chinese china,we did a culture trip and some shopping then drive back to Nanchang where we jump into the evening overnight train back to Chengdu.

25 March arrive at Chengdu dinner time head to hot pot restaurant directly

Useful information of the trip:

Drive from Nanchang to Taining county all by express way: 270km
Taining exit spot of the express way to the town is 12KM and from the town to the entrance of the NR(500m) is 23KM and then 17KM up to the summit accommodation area(1700m).
Taining express way to Wuyuan is 390KM

The restaurant up at Emeifeng is a vegetarine one without meat but excellent local vegetable dishes. Hotel is clean and well functioned with private toilet and hot shower is available.

The detailed km information of each birds in this report not open and althrough we did not see Ellion's Pheasant this time but think if we do not waste the first morning,we will can manage to see this bird at exact spot.

So Emeifeng should be no problem used to be the place instead of Wuyishan for the normal SE China birding trip and stay for 2-3 nights.

Here are some photos of the habitate and accommodation:

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