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2012 11th Nov to 24th Nov Beijing,Southeast China birding report

This is the first trip organzied by Birdwatching Breaks to SE China leaded by Chris, 7 participants from UK & US. Guided/reported by Tang Jun
Chris got contact to Tang Jun since 2006 and finally Birdwtahcing Breaks did it in 2012.
Birdwatching Breaks will organize a Qinghai/Tibet trip in 2014.

8th Nov 3 participants arrive at Beijing and did a 3 days culture tour with culture guide, stay at Beijing Maitark Hotel which is a nice one and close to the Summer Palace, Botanic Garden and Yuan Ming Yuan Garden

Chris and another 2 participants arrived one day earlier had a quick check at the Botanic Garden.

10 Nov The last US lady and Tang Jun arrive at Beijing and a pleasant meeting/dinner inside the hotel

11 Nov due to no necessary early departure thus we had a chance for a good breakfast inside hotel at 7am, then drive to Beijing Botanical Garden for the whole morning and it was a good start area and in the morning we got 25 species birds in a clod and heavy windy day, after lunch at a local restaurane with Peking Duck, we moved to nearby Yuan Ming Yuan park for the rest of the day and add another couple of birds before back to warm hotel
Important birds we saw for today include: Chinese Nuthatch, Yellow-bellied Tit, Japanese Waxwing, Mash & Great Tit,Plain Mountain Laughingthrush

12 Nov Beijing fly to Huzhou
Due to the flight departure at 0810am thus we packed the breakfast from our hotel and departure from hotel at 0530, good and smoothly arrive at airport without traffic jam in early morning, we checked in the flight and after 2.5 hours we get to Fuzhou, is warm here and about 20 degrees higher than Beijing and we are almost at tropicla area. Met by good van and we drive to Fuzhou National Forest Park where our hotel located. After some light lunch inside the park we out for a full afternoon birding along the slope area, and birds include Slaty-backed Forktail, couple of Bubuls,beautiful Mugimaki Flycatcher,lot of Grey Treepie, and before head back we saw sbout 5 Silver Pheasants and heard the Pale-headed Wooderpacker and White-necklaced Partridge.

13 NOv Mingjiang birding

We departure at 0630 and after a traditional local people breakfast in the town ,1 hour drove to Minjiang Estuary. Tow samll boats for all of us and arrive at the perfect tide time, we get to the beach area, where we counted 3 Spoonbill Sandpeper, 8 Black-faced Spoonbill and other birds include such as Sauder's Gull, Caspian Tern, Common Black-headed Gull,Yellow-legged Gull,Mew Gull, Whistling Swan etc. Almost all our target birds.
Boat trip back to the small town we decide go directly to the Botnic Garden again and where add few more birds.

14 Nov fly to Nanchang and carry on to Poyang Lake
Due to our flight departure 2pm thus we had a full morning at the garden again, we decided start earlier and at 6pm we are on the trail for pheasants. Excellent morning and we counted 2 White-necklaced Partridges and the difficult Spotted Wren Babbler, Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler and Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush and some othe birds.

Then we jump into the bus head to airport where we had lunch after security check and 1 hour fly to Nanchang, where met by local guide and bus,drove to Wucheng town check in the local best hotel. Before our arrival at hotel, we stopped at the lake and collected some geeses include Swan Geese, Grey-leg and two cranes already: about 3 Common Cranes and 50+ Siberian Cranes flew across us.

15 Nov Poyang Lake
This morning we took the boat trips to three different spots and the weather was getting worse and worse, and although in this difficult condition,we still get another 2 specise of Cranes and the rare Baikal Teal and we had to get back to our hotel as the rianning quite and tempreter really quite low.

16 Nov Poyang Lake
After good breakfast inside out hotel, the weather looked still no good and raining, thus we decided out by bus to the lakeside and try to birding from the bus in the morning, and after back to the hotel for the luch, looed the weater improved then we boating out to the lake area again.

17 Nov Drive to Wuyuan
Departure from hotel from 6am and we drove to another area of this huge Poyang Lake, wher we add few birds and coming is the driving toward our next destination where named Wuyuan, before enter the town we took a short walk where we add soem good quality birds before check in good hotel.

18 Nov Wuyuan
Start at 0530am and about 40 mins drive to a valley where we look for the Ellion's Pheasat and always a very difficult and rare bird. Spent almost the full morning at the valley area we moved to another spot where we excited on 17 Scaly-sided Merganers  and the difficult Moustached Laughingthrush, we add some other good birds as well and it was a good day after two days bad weather at Poyang Lake.

19 Nov Wuyuan
Today we tried another spot for the difficult Ellion's Pheasant and still impossible but afternoon move to another spot for 9 Madarin Duck.

20 Nov last biridng at Wuyuan then fly to Shanghai and overnight
This morning we back to the spot where we tried day before and add couple of forest birds and afternoon we went to the spot for Pied Falconet where we swa two "Giant Panda Birds", after that we drove to Huangshan Airport where we took the quite late flight to Shanghai and met by hotel bus to our very nice Hot Spring hotel.

21 Nov Drive to Yancheng NR
After breakfast and jump into the bus drive all the express way to Yancheng NR where we check in local best hotel available, after the luch which is good inside the hotel , we drove out for ducks for the full afternoon. Excellent afternoon and we got 3 diving ducks (Baer's,Tufted,Whited-eyed and Red-crested).

22 Nov Yancheng NR
This morning we spent at the fields for the cranes and we got 4 species,plus the Reed Parrotbill which is most important,plus buntings. After the lunch inside the hotel nearby, we out for ducks again and gulls. Very nice view of Baikal Teals (we counted viewable about 17), and another good one is the Chinese Grey Shrike just before we decide back to our hotel.

23 Nov Drive back to Shanghai
We had an excellent 2 hours at a forest park near the hotel and include: Long Eared Owl,Eurasian Bullfinch,Naumanns Thrush,Eurasian Siskin,Goldcrest which is the new of the trip and then we back to the reed area to re-check the buntings for a better view. Back to hotel had lunch then check out and head to Shanghai which is a 5 hours drive. Check in the good airport hotel and had a nice drinking.

Got the photo of the Sandhill Crane,right in the middle with Common Cranes.

Total we get 208 species for this trip and average for a 2 weeks SE China supposed about 180-190.

24 Nov departure from Shanghai, 5 back to UK, 2 back to US and Tang Jun back to Chengdu.

Hi Tang Jun,Once again, many thanks for all your hard work. The feedback I have had from the clients about the tour has been some of the most positive I have had about a trip and Christine described it as one of the best trips she has ever done(and she has done a LOT of trips!). I look forward to bringing more groups to China in the not too distant future.
Best wishes Chris

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