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Reports By Destinations: Sichuan
2010 17-22 Aug Balangshan & Wawu Shan at Sichuan

17 Aug to 22 Aug 2010

Participant: Ignacio & Beatriz from Spain

Before a meeting at Beijing, they two have a bout 5-6 days can doing some birding at Sichuan. So I only suggest Wawu and Emei Shan nearby into his itinerary.

17 Aug after a long overnight fly from Spain to Beijing, then connect the fly to Chengdu. After pick up at airport, drive 4 hours to Wawu Mountain

18 Aug some morning birding down to the slope area and saw some birds. Then get back to the car park for the first cable car up to the summit. Be honest, late August is not that good time we did not managed to see some good birds up there. Only the Great and Brown Parrotbill plus some other birds. And we tried to look for the Red Panda but can not see.

19 Aug Heavy raining all the day, we can not do anything but stay in room read the book and did the few birds list…L

20 Aug Stll raining at Wawu then after some very possible birding then we drove to Emei, good to move and we got some birds on the road include: Huamei, Ashthroated Parrotbill and other some birds. We drove up to Emei Mountain and overnight at Leidong Ping, but still raining and foggy…L

21 Aug we got up as planned time but still raining, what shall we do?? After breakfast and we walked around at Leidong Ping, but we see nothing, just foggy and raining, but due to weekend, still many demotic tourists coming…many many buses…We can not see birds, then we have to do something, we all agree drive down to the foot area and visit the famous Baoguo Monastery, then we drove to the Giant Buddha at Leshan for a visit. After that we decided drive back to Chengdu to see what happens…

22 Aug In the morming we went to Pandas Park and for some birding, then afternoon, lightly visit city parks and possible for some birding, then drive to airport for the flight to Beijing.

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Tour Reports

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