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Reports By Destinations: Sichuan
2010 1-15 Aug western Sichuan

1 Aug to 15 Aug 2010

Participants: Ian and Karen  Guide & Driver: Tang Jun

Due to August is not the good time for Sichuan birds but after the trip, we still managed to see some quality birds and number is quantity as well.

The route is not that traditionally Sichuan birding route as we drove west to the highland and good birds still there in August.

1 Aug Ian get to Chengdu from Beijing after a culture trip to Xi’an and Yunnan and Karen fly to Chengdu after a short culture trip to Lhasa.

2 Aug we drove to Wawu and birding en route. We managed to see the Swinhoe’s Minivet and Forest Wagtail after Ya’an and got the Huamei before Wawu. We had the most famous Chicken at Ya’an but Ian did not like the typical tea served during summer.It is diffcult for Ian remember the name of the city then he gave a name for this city: Chicken Town. Ha..Ha…

3-5 Aug Red Panda again at the summit and except the Three Toed Parrotbill, we saw all good birds at the summit include: Sichuan Treecreeper, other Parrotbills, one thing has to be mentioned, that is laughingthrush, we got Giant, Spotted, Rusty, Hwamei, Elliot’s, Black Faced, Red-winged, Emei Sahn Liocichla,Chinese Babax at Wawu Shan.

6 Aug last birding at Wawu we drove to west arrival at Kangding. We did a short birding at Erlang Mountaina dn decided to have more looking when drive back.

7 Aug one day birding at Muge Lake and luckly, we are allowed drive into the NR as I think we wre there too early and the guard can not understand what is our purpose and just thinking we are VIP from government.

8 Aug we decide to take another road continue head west as this is not main road and sure without that much traffic. We are right and at one mountain pass about 4500, we saw some good birds include: Chinese Fulvetta, couple of larks, Rufus-breasted,Robin & Brown Accentor, several rosefinches then plus White-browed & Crested Tit Warbler. A big day!!

9 Aug we drove to Tagong Grassland for birding then head to our another destination named Pamuling Monastery where off the road and 15km climb up to the summit. We overnight at a Tibetan family hotel and had a pleasant night and dinner

10 Aug we spent the morning at the summit monastery and very good view of Blood Pheasant and Monal Partridge plus the Giant LH. Then we decide to drive towards to Chengdu for some distance and try to arrive at Erlang Shan for a early morning birdng. We found a very good hotel at Luding where is onoy 40km away from Erlang Shan.

11 Aug after a morning at Erlang Shan but unfortunately we have to return because of the landslide. But we still have a very good view on Lady AM with 5 chicks and big block of Blood Pheasant about 30 chicken. The a long distance drive to Wolong via Chengdu city.

12-13 Aug two full days at Balang Shan and except the Chinese Monal, other good birds got. We plan to have another morning to Balang Shan again on 14th Aug morning, but heavy storm 13 Aug night and the road back to Chengdu have been stucked by two huge landslide.

14 Aug Today we have to escape out from Wolong by another round way which is about 55okm, we met at least about 4 landslides and waiting till be cleared. Then got back to Chengdu almost mid night.

15 Aug Ian and Karen morning flight to Chengdu then connect the flight to UK
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Tour Reports

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