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2017 Rockjumper Sichuan & Yunnan by Glen Valentine

By Glen Valention from Rockjumper:
Highlights were plentiful and included a number of Asia’s most desirable and otherwise elusive species, such as Black-necked Crane (up to 45 on

one day!), Pere David’s (Sichuan Wood) and Himalayan Owls, Sichuan Jay, sky-pointing Eurasian Bittern, Brown-cheeked Rail, Upland Buzzard, Saker Falcon, the rare Long-billed Plover, Black and

Darjeeling Woodpeckers, the little-known Chinese Grey Shrike, immaculate White-browed and Crested Tit-Warblers, the recently described Sichuan Bush Warbler and Sichuan Thrush, the highly sought-after

and monotypic Pzrevalski’s Finch (Pinktail), a number of laughingthrushes – which included Snowycheeked, Barred, Blue-winged, Red-winged and Red-tailed – Emei Shan Liocichla, Beautiful Sibia, the

rare and endemic Rufous-tailed Babbler (Moupinia), a staggering ten species of parrotbill – which included Great, Three-toed, Brown-winged, Grey-hooded and Golden – Przevalski’s, Giant and Yunnan

Nuthatches, sensational Grandala, Chinese, Long-tailed and Black-breasted Thrushes, Fujian Niltava, White-bellied Redstart, Golden Bush Robin, the brilliant Firethroat, the rare and elusive Yellow-bellied

Flowerpecker, Maroon-backed Accentor, Chinese, Collared and Spot-winged Grosbeaks, Three-banded, Pink-rumped and Red-fronted Rosefinches and Slaty Bunting, to mention just a few! We also encountered

an incredible seventeen species of pheasant and grouse, which included Snow Partridge, Tibetan Snowcock, Chinese Grouse, Verreaux’s MonalPartridge, Mountain Bamboo Partridge, Temminck’s

Tragopan, Chinese Monal, Blue Eared and White Eared Pheasants, sensational Lady Amherst’s Pheasant and the outrageous Golden Pheasant.

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