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2013 8th June to 15th June Robin birding tour report

Only one keen Dutch birder for a short Robin tour, reported/guided by Tang Jun.

8th June Max arrived by KLM on time and met by Tang Jun then drive to the town check in Wenjun Hotel which located beside a park and where Max spent his time for some normal city birds but include few endemics.
9th June we started early then drive toward Jiuzhaigou National Park,about 60km before the park where named Gong Gang Ling with good forest but due to bad weather we did not managed to see some birds.Check in nice hotel and we worshipped a better weather next morning as we will look for the Rufous-headed Robin which was reported very difficult in 2013.
10th June we were the first person had breakfast inside the hotel then head to the entrance where we caught the first bus into the park. Follwing we disscussed last night,we go to another spot where repoted the bird recently, but when we get there where named Panda Lake, we walked into the trail and habitate looks fine but no bird response. Then we decide hurry back to the junction where luckly paid a local small car and drop us at the original spot where the robin is. When we were there was about 09:00am and still good time. Walking along the board walk,we heard the bird,we wait and quiet and try the tape tenderly,once the bird only about 5 metres away us but we can not see in thick bushes.We spent long time at the area but the song heard quite far away again.Thus we check another possibily spoy where is a bout 2km into the valley but heard nothing inside.Time was passing by and gone and Max looks a little upset,me too as this may be my first time withouts see the bird. We decided down back to the first spot where we heard, and luckly,the bird still around but the very few song is far otherside of the river. I strong suggest we should across the river and into the bushes/forst. We did with wet boots and we slowly walked into the area.
The Robin photo made in 2010 by Tang Jun.

We heard the first song from somewhere about 30m and we carefully and quiet moved closer,but 10minuts later,the song came from another direction. Then we moved back again and wait...wait...wait. God bless and the song came again only once but was about another 20m from where we sit on the wet ground. We have to try and it was a must,we slowly move to the song spot and staied there. You never know what happens and the song was from soemwhere else. Max almost gave up and thought it is impossible to see the bird.
We staied there for a while and decided try again,we tape a little bit and thanks god,he singing again for one time where is about 15m. We moved closer and slowly and quiet,found a spot and sit down,you knew what happend? the song came up again and it is just about 3 metres in front of us. This time we did not lost the god gaven chance,we successed and Max had a nice view of the bird almost for 3 minutes.Then the bird dissapeared and the area came back to quite again but the song will be singsing all the time in our mind...
Here is the photo after the 3 minutes what Max looked like!!

We got the bird 15:00pm,it was a 7 hours hard work.
10 June Today is a long drive for 600km to Qin Ling Mountain area and we still can have some stop for birding,such as Tony Fish Owl.

11 June By accompanied the local guide Zhang, we went through three gates of the NR and get into the key area of the NR for the Blackthroat.This bird was alway singing around but never came out,we spent the time till 1430pm,Max had a short view of the bird flew which gave him the memory is :balck bird, some white at the tail. As can not disturb the bird long time,then we did some other birding in the valley and decide come back again the next morning.
On the way back to our hotel we got excellent view of Korkolas Pheasant and counted about 15 Golden Pheasants.

12 June This morning much luck than the day before,after about 20 minutes trying at the spot,Max had a view about 2 seconds of the bird and he was satisfied. 
This is the photo of the same bird which Max saw,Tang Jun made it on 2nd June 2013.

Then we moved to other places by walked up to the valley want seek for the Giant Panda. But no pandas,only view of Tarkins and some other good birds include Three-toed,Spectacled and Fulvous Parrotbill which made Max quite happy.

13 June Morning we managed some closer view of the Crested Ibis feeding in rice field, then we carry on all the way back to Chengdu.The last highlights was we saw a Chinese Bamboo Partridge couple acrossing the road beside a village and we got very nice view.

14 June relax in the morning and Max did some homework on reports, we departure to airport and Max fly home.

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