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2013 18th May to 8th June Sichuan, Shanxi,Yunnan birding tour report

7 keen birders from UK by Tang Jun

18 May Arrival at Chengdu then we drive to Laojunshan NR directly, total from Chengdu by the express way about 4 hours to the town and we stay at a new fancy hotel at Pingshan County

19 May climb up to the summit and stay. we departure at 0500am and 1.5 hours we get to the entrance of the NR, by meet of the guy from NR we start the climbing to the summit.It was a hard job to climb up and not that many birds en route. Summit accommodation is quite basic but the old couple (owener) made excellent ECO-foods.

20 May Full at the summit birding. Summit area is flat and bamboos plus primary forest, it is nice habitate for the Sichuan Partridges but it was a such difficult bird.

21 May Morning birding then down to hill and drive to Longcanggou Forest Park

Here we found another spot and got the long lost GF Parrotbill.

22 May full day at Longcanggou

23 May Morning at Longcanggou then drive to Wolong. We spent the morning at Longcanggou again and decide drive to Wolong via Chengdu, the last section is closed for van above 9 seats and we spent a lot of time and money to get the van into Wolong area. Hard job!!again.

24 May full day at Balangshan. Excellent view of the Chinese Monal and all other pheasants include: Snow Partridge,Snowcock,Korkorlass,Monal Partridge,White Eared Pheasant,Golden Pheasant,Tragopan etc. and other birds include Red-fronted & Streated Rosefinch,Grandala...

25 May Morning at Balangshan then drive to Maerkhang. Due to we got all the birds needed at Balangshan, then we carry on to next destination earlier than normal. We spent some time at Mengbishan forest before check in the hotel.

26 May Full day at Mengbishan Forest. $ times nice view of the Sichuan Jay at the normal spot.

27 May drive to Ruoergai and birding en route

28 May Birding at Ruoergai then carry on to Jiuzhaigou. Morning birding at Baxi forest for the BE Pheasant and Chinese Grouse.

29 May Jiuzhaigou National Forest Park birding. It was quite difficult this year for the Rufouse-headed Robin. Very few birds than normal years.
And due to have to take shuttle buses of the park thus very difficult to ask the driver drop us off at the spot where we wanted.

30 May Drive from Jiuzhaigou to Tangjiahe NR. We start 0330am back to Gonggangling for the Sichuan Wood Owl then back to hotel check out and carry on to Tangjiahe NR which is a long drive.We are allowed to stay at the Protection Station accommodation which only can provide us 5 beds, but no problem for us sleep on the floor with sleeping bags.

31 May climb up to the mountain and stay at hut by sleeping bages. 5 porters went with us as got many staff to take up there.

1 June down to hill. This morning mainly spent at the area for the target Parrotbill and we saw 4 total and got good chance for photos.

2 June drive to Yangxian. Last morning at the foot area then drive into Shanxi province which is a long day drive.

3-4 June One NR and around birding. We heard 4 Blackthroat and saw one flying around in the first morning, then we did some other birding around.
The next morning we up to the area again, and we heard the GIANT PANDA which is about 10m away but can not see. He must be there behind the heavy bamboos...

This is the photos of the next day.

5 June drive back to Chengdu and take the evening flight to Lijiang of YUnnan province.We picked up the Long-billed Plover and Tony Fish Owl at Yang County.

6 June birding around Lijiang,maily for the Biet's Laughingthrush and Brown-winged Parrotbill and no problem.

7 June all day birding at Lijiang got Yunnan Nuthatch,Rusty-capped & Spectacled Fulvetta then fly back to Chengdu

8 June departure

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