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2014 NE China Jankowski's Bunting Great Bastard Red-crowned Crane searching trip report

Reported by Tang Jun.
2014 Early March at NE China, still very cold but due to the main purpose is find out all info of the habitates and logistics,so at the moment birds not that important.
Here first list out my itinerary for this researching trip.

3 March  arrival at Wulanhot noon time then about 2 hours public bus to Zhaqi Town, a nice quiet and clean small size town but with a good hotel and many looks fine restaurants. 
There is a city park with lake in the middle just beside Shanshan Hotel, this is another reason why choose this hotel to stay.No doubt the city park can be as the start spot for birding.

Evening dinner with the head of Tumuji NNR and talked about the plan

4 March The NNR car picked me up at Shenshan Hotel and drive 50km (40min)to Tumuji NNR,met with the Vice president Mr Han and Lao Bao who is in charge of Tumuji NNR eco protection, and the two nice men accompany with me check out the habitate information. We went to the nearby wetland first and was told that here is the main spot can see water birds and cranes in summer.

Then we drive to Great Basterd habitate is just about 15km but we drove around the vast area where can found real wild Basterd.

Back to Tumuji headquater where had lunch plus rice wine with staff and all nice person. Afternoon we drove south down about 20km the off the main road drive about another 10km to get to the habitate of the Jakowski's BUnting where many Sibria Apricot small trees.

Lao Bao pointed out that normall will be about more than 10 birds can be found in this area.
Then I had a quick look of the route to Momoge NNR where for Cranes habitate.
Lao Bao told me that birders went to Xiang Hai NNR for the bunting but now were pointed to Tumiji for thi sbird and looks Tumuji probably the only spot can easier found this rare bird.

3 March I took public bus and 3 hours drive to Qiqihaer, where the Zhalong NNR for Red-crowned Crane.

I took a taxi made a round trip total in 3 hours (28km one way) and habitate looks great and still many cranes spent the winter in this area.

4 March From Qiqihaer,I departure back to Chengdu. Qiqihaer is convinent for train and air. The biggest city named Haerbin just about 320km at east.

So based on the information I got,here comes the result how to arrange areasonable trip for this area: Buntings,Basterds,Cranes etc.

Day 1 arrival at Wulanhot by plane from Beijing, then can drive direct to Tumuji, check the wetland and drive north to Zhalai for overnight
Day 2 Morning do the Buntings, then drive back for the Basterd, lunch at Tumuji Town, afternoon check the wetlands, stay at Zhaqi
Day 3 morning departure drive to Zhenlai where Momoge NNR located, scan the lakes, can stay at Zhenlai tonight or back to Zhaqi
Day 4 ifnecessary Zhenlai Momoge NNR again then can drive to Qiqiher,birding at Zhalong wetland.
          Or drive back to Wulanhot fly back to Beijing.
Day 5 Morning birding at Zhalong wetland (NNR), and departure

Note: For Tumiji NNR, need arrange entry permits and be accompanied by a non English speaking NNR staff.

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